OpenMandriva "Three" design on bluette background

As I received request, I made a new wallpaper for Openmandriva Lx 3.x series. It’s the “Three” design on current bluette background.
You can find it in at my flickr.

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Nice. May I put some of them in our gallery?

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Of course :slight_smile:

Here they are



Is this for Lx 3.03?

Actually I did not think of it as a real plan, was more something done just for fun. Current Breeze splash screen is awful so I made for me a nicer one.
However it may become if you like.
All the stuff is pretty ready. FWIW I have nothing against, just have to know if I need to provide it.

This archive contains the needing stuff, and how to do in a pretty easy way.


Looks good. Throw away all the existing ISO’s we have to get this new artwork in NOW! Or else!

Edit: Um, that was suppsosed to be humor, but it would be kinda kool to have this newer and attractive artwork in Lx 3.03 release. WDYT?

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Sure, it would be really nice to refresh a bit the look but I don’t know how much work and time would take to devs to replace artwork with the new design.

Anyway here are also plymouth theme (for the lucky people who are able to see it) and mcc images for consistency.
Plymouth | mcc

Re GRUB, just use the 4X3.png wallpaper replacing /boot/grub2/themes/OpenMandriva/background.png with omlx3oB-4X3.png (rename it background.png)

For console lovers enter commands:

cd /<your_download_directory>/omlx3oB/share/wallpapers/omlx3oB/contents/images/

sudo cp omlx3oB-4X3.png /boot/grub2/themes/OpenMandriva/background.png



I’ll defer to @TPG’s or other developers decision on that…

With the help of a lot of luck I managed to shot the screen at plymouth boot \o/:

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Here is a procedure you may use to test plymouth without reboot the machine or wait for luck.

All you need is to use a couple of tty but it is really easy to do and if you use vbox you may take screenshots from here.

  1. switch to tty2
  2. sudo plymouthd --tty=`tty`
  3. switch to tty3
  4. sudo plymouth --show-splash
  5. switch to tty2
  6. (the splash is showed fine)
  7. switch to tty3
  8. (give some commands to plymouth, see man plymouth for info)
  9. switch to tty2
  10. (check command launched from tty3)
  11. switch to tty3
  12. plymouth --quit

I hope this may help you. If you like it feel free to cpoy-and-paste on the wiki.

Finally if you machine is too fast to show the splash screen at boot time you may try to add the following line


at the end of /etc/plymouth/plymouthd.conf.

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When I boot the OS I do not get the OpenMandriva “Three” design on bluette background. system displays only text. How to enable the background.

In the Grub and login Screen “Three” design is displaying. in between text only.

please explain.

How-to(s) in archives and in this topic.

Your procedure did not work or I’m doing something wrong :cry:

This seems to help a bit.
Will tell you for how much long… :smile:


I take this note some time age when plymouth worked fine in my box. I testes today and I discovered it works only the one time time :angry:. I have to say I’m using plymouth-0.9.3-0.20170512.14 in my tests.

BTW last command is sudo plymouth --quit.

Finally I noticed suspend.png is missing:

$ grep -n suspend.png /usr/share/plymouth/themes/OpenMandriva/OpenMandriva.script 
38:  background.original_image = ImageNew("suspend.png");
$ ls -lh /usr/share/plymouth/themes/OpenMandriva/suspend.png
ls: cannot access '/usr/share/plymouth/themes/OpenMandriva/suspend.png': No such file or directory