OpenMandriva Release QA wiki page

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Some days ago I created a wiki page for QA release process.

  • Original document HERE
  • Wiki page to be checked HERE

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thank you for this work that help clarify the QA process :slight_smile:

For me this list is ok.

What could be interesting is the creation of a form that says how to process each step of QA validation (I can create one). This way we could have a report with clear number of tests, and easy to use for testers.

I say this as for example, I don’t know how to test Network sound :stuck_out_tongue:

Also an idea would be to create a downloadable set of tools for testing that could be found in iso and downloadable independently, with this content:
Several documents (pdf, odf, html, image, video, sound) to quickly test the main applications
Several programs (java etc, for)
Scripts like oma_report_tool made by @TPG

For the last part, I’d say that I’m ok, but we should also take in account non reproducible bugs (for example something fails on a Dell server but works on three other Dell from same series)

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Also, @TPG wrote about a checklist for ISO (with list of detected bugs).

Checklist should contain typical use cases like:

  1. Does iso burns on usb stick
  2. Does the grub/boot screen appears
  3. Does the options in grub/boot screen works
  4. Does ISO boot to
  5. Does ISO boot to
  6. Does autologin for live user works
  7. Does default graphical desktop shows after autologin
  8. Does default graphical desktop is useable (basics, like menu, file manager,
    web browser)
    etc. etc.
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I added the checklist in the wiki page, as simple list.
If anyone has any idea to make it better - like maybe a kind of form, or if you believe more fitting to create an empty document to download, fill & submit somewhere, or other - please write your suggestion.

downloadable set of tools for testing

Any suggestion on how to make it?
I’m willing to help. Need inputs :grin:

At Budapest meeting we talked just a bit about the proposal, included the idea to provide some links to sample files (music, video, images, documents and the likes). Wdyt?

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Thanks for this. Heck of a good start. I edited to remove Chrome (We don’t have) and added Chromium and Chromium-pepper-flash. Hope that’s OK.

Currently I’m working on bug list - Open bugs in Lx 3. It’s on Cooker ML: “Re: [OM Cooker] Best attempt at open Lx 3 bugs list.” as well as posted here in QA forum. It is a work in progress.

Will try to help on QA Checklist. Would be great if: