OpenMandriva LXQt Rome and Cooker LXQt Build 1899

After 14 years, I recently discovered that my desktops, can in fact, boot from USB. Just had to find the Boot Menu! :angry:

I first downloaded the LXQt Rome x86_64 ISO from SourceForge and booted it in Live mode, to find that no LXQt Panel displayed, couldn’t do anything with it. I downloaded/booted this a second time, with the same result, so there could be an issue with that particular image (openmandriva.rome-23.03-lxqt.x86_64.iso)

Tonight, I downloaded LXQt x86_64 Build 1899 from ABF, booted from USB, the LXQt Panel displayed with this build and was surprised to see LXQt 1.3.0. I think OM is the first distro to include this. :+1:

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Successfully installed to and running from a thumb drive. :+1:

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