Openmandriva LX 4 try to start gnome after that i get om app

Hi how to close this app:

that is impossible to close? without alt + F4.

so its it a bug? I did not have issue with it with kde before so something in updates give this error nvidia card?

This is the link for Gnome bugs.

Note to OpenMandriva Contributors: See how well hidden Gnome has their bug tracker? Wonder if that’s a thing now a days? I got the link here. Click on Bug Tracker and you get Github Groups. I like it.

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It’s hidden because gnome obviously doesn’t have any bugs.

not forget to update any status bug
if you look just a little with systemd …

Dont try to start gnome desktop. It is broken. We not support it.

The bug is on your side.

Gnome=NOT supported

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So Gnome\Mate and XFCE is not with Openmandriva release?
Its first time that a distibution did not have other desktops.


when you will start complaining of some bugs don’t append any comment there.
Instead you must start a new topic for each issue, choose a meaninful title only related to the issue you want to be discussed there, publish console logs including your commands, post code as code (list is not exaustive).

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publish console logs including your commands, post code as code

Can you give list what information you need to develop Gnome\wayland or ```