OpenMandriva Lx 4 RC

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Is OMLx 4 RC available? Rugyada made a wiki for it (
I just installed beta (build 2416 issued on 8 february 2019) and I checked for updates I found more than around 1100!
If beta is the most recent version I will update and continue on testing, if not please give the link to RC.

RC is not ready yet, @bero is still sorting out our java packages which is a massive project. This is taking longer than expected but what is being done fits in with all the cleanup and streamlining of our “tool-chain” packages for Lx 4.0.

There is a more recent ISO here which may result in fewer updates. That ISO is also missing Libreoffice which can be installed with:

$ sudo dnf install libreoffice

As far as I understand things the part of Libreoffice that requires java is not working yet but that is the case regardless of what ISO one uses and will be fixed when @bero is done with his work on the java package stack. The part that requires java is the database part which most users don’t use so generally, for most of us, things we use in LO should work as OK as they normally do.

Then, waiting for RC, to have an idea on how OMLx 4 works I can update and try to use beta.

Yes, use the ISO you have or the other one. If you update either one you’ll end up with the same system which will give a good idea of how things work. To update from command line:

$ sudo dnf --refresh update

There are more “How To’s” here.

Post-edit: Hope I’ve answered adequately. If I haven’t keep asking questions.

Something for all users to be aware of. The replacement for drakxtools is a Work In Progress (WIP) and probably won’t be complete until some future release. The replacements are OM-Welcome and the new OM-Control-Center along with some modules in SystemSettings. User feedback on these is encouraged. What works? What doesn’t? What do users want to see added? Ect.

I have heard a rumor :thinking: that we may have a repo manager added to the above hopefully for Lx 4.0 release or shortly there after. (Fingers crossed.)


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Answers are ok.
I found a couple of issue I’ll add in Cooker list of bug.
I tried to install several packages (e. g. Gtkhash, KiCad, FreeCAD) but I don’t find any of them. Probably it’s too early.

All of those are in unsupported/contrib repo.

Tried to enable few repos in dnfdragora but no result in searching software. No problem I can wait.

You should enable repository via command line. If you enable repo in dnfdragora then you enable it only for this software and until you close app.

For “global enable” run in konsole:

sudo dnf config-manager --enable cooker-x86_64-contrib cooker-x86_64-restricted cooker-x86_64-non-free

This command enable contrib, restricted and non-free repo. You can customize this command to suit your needs.

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I should have mentioned also that enabling repos in dnfdragora is only temporary for that session. To permanently enable them use the command @AngryPenguin provided.

FWIW: While we are using Cooker repos for Alpha and Beta releases this would be the complete list of useful repos:

$ sudo dnf repolist
Last metadata expiration check: 0:01:44 ago on Thu 28 Mar 2019 01:02:00 PM CDT.
repo id                                                                            repo name                                                                                           status
cooker-x86_64                                                                      OpenMandriva Cooker - x86_64                                                                        16,845
cooker-x86_64-contrib                                                              OpenMandriva Cooker - x86_64 - Contrib                                                              13,221
cooker-x86_64-non-free                                                             OpenMandriva Cooker - x86_64 - non-free                                                                155
cooker-x86_64-restricted                                                           OpenMandriva Cooker - x86_64 - Restricted                                                              164

By “useful” I mean those 4 are the only ones with any packages.

And if you have all 4 repos as listed in above post you will have all available packages. The list of available packages won’t change when repos are split for final release. So users that wait to complain about things that are missing until final release are doing exactly the wrong thing.

Please users test this now and report things you believe are missing now not after release. To test this you don’t actually have to install anything just run the ‘Live’ ISO and look around. Just remember that a ‘Live’ ISO will be slower than an installed system would be.

We need more input from all of our users to build the best distro possible.

Permanently enabled 4 repos, found and installed all packages I need that seems working.