Openmandriva LX 4 Lutris set up vulcan driver i386

why can i not use:

sudo dnf install libgl1-mesa-glx:i386 libgl1-mesa-dri:i386

install vulcan drivers lutris

Maybe becase you trying install packages using names from ubuntu?

Enable i686 repo. Then install “vulkan-loader” for i686. Should be done.

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sudo dnf config-manager --enable repo openmandriva-main-release-i586
error: No matching repo to modify: repo, openmandriva-main-release-i586

sorry i did not know witch repo you mean?
i try to upgrade dnf upgrade i try out OM controlsenter:
when i select openmandriva repo-picker.

 « can not run command -repo-picker».

This seems to be very off topic for this forum. The link referred to is for:

Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Other Ubuntu-based distros:

This forum is for OpenMandriva.

Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Ubuntu based distros have their own forums.

There hasn’t been i386 packages for OpenMandriva since, I think, since OpenMandriva has existed. As I recall when we formed we had i586 repos but now we have i686 repos.

So can we close this?

Still need code for fix this, or i must ask again.

The fact is that one cannot blindly copy/paste random commands found here and there on the web, most likely provided for other distros.
A newbby wants to learn distro families, package managers, commands to use, etc. Read up about how the distro works before to whine and shout about supposed bugs and make fun of good-willing people trying to help.

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OK: Time to be honest.

Read @rugyada’s post at least 3 times. You need to learn more before trying to do things like this. Your first post shows that quite clearly.

You also need to decide if a distro with 6 or so part time all volunteer unpaid developers and 6 or so part time all volunteer unpaid contributors in other areas like Artwork, QA, and Infra can do what you need. Or would you be better off with a distro with 100’s of developers including some paid employee’s and 10’s of thousands of users.

Your posts reflect an expectation of things far beyond what the OMA group is capable of achieving at this time. And you don’t show any patience to wait for things to develop over time.

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ok ok I will give you an easy solution without a console.

Open DNFDRAGORA then click on File and next on Repositories. Then enable new repo cooker-i686 and click on Appy.
Now search on dnfdragora for pakckage called “vulkan-loader”. You should see two version, one for x86_64 (should be installed by default) and sedond for i686 repo. Install this for i686.

Now start again lutris. Should be fine.

Remember vulkan-loader (i686) is optional, only for running via lutris 32-bit games in DXVK mode.

download error : Cannot download vulkan-loader-1.1.102-2-omv4000.i686.rpm: All mirrors were tried

Refresh the cache, clean all, vulkan-loader-1.1.102-2-omv4000.i686.rpm is there.

If only we could get people to post code as code and post the complete output including the command the user used… Guess I’m dreaming. Time for me to retire from this.

No one wants to RTFM these days. Everyone wants “Just give me a copy and paste”. And you don’t learn things that way dadgumit. :worried:

Yes i learn something and i get help with this one thx to rugyada and AngryPenguin
But its see like its need to reboot computer or app did freeze without error message so reboot is only way.

But still need help: how to DKVK so how to install it? Its needed to play or run windows apps. or run uplay.