Openmandriva LX 4 how to add Fingerprint GUI - Authorization

# Fingerprint GUI - Authorization using fingerprint scanner on Linux Mint

How to add this one?

You may compile it from sources or may request for a new package.

We now have a special forum category for Package and feature requests. I’m moving this there.

Can someone come with complete guide how to install it? Because check the file,

1. Generate the Makefile by running:
	$ qmake-qt4 or use the shell script ""

2. Build the software by running:
	$ make
In order to compile the software you will need development packages for
libfprint (version 0.1.0~pre2 and newer), libqt4, libqca2, libfakekey,
libusb-1.0-0, libpolkit-qt-1 and libpam.

3. Copy all the files into their appropriate locations by running:
	# make install

4. If you want to add support for UPEK readers, install the bundled proprietary
library by running:
	# make install-upek
Please note that every user that wants to use this library must be member of
group plugdev. This group is created automatically.

5. Since version 1.07 the ownership and permissions of users fingerprint data
in "/var/lib/fingerprint-gui/" has been changed. Fingerprint-gui will not work
with old ownership and permissions. To setup this data for version 1.07 change
old fingerprint data (aquired with version 1.06 and below) by running:
	# make user-data

6. See the Step-by-step guide for instructions on how to modify your PAM
stack to enable fingerprint-based authentication.

make: *** No rule to make target ‘fingerprint-gui-1.09’. Stop.

I see, fingerprint-gui is a qt4 app but qt4 libs are not more supported in OpenMandriva. You may need to contact the author and ask him to upgrade his software to qt5.