OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 2020.05 snapshot

OMLx ’Rock’ (currently 4.1) is for users who want a stable system.

Please note that Rock system will receive only bug fixes and security updates. The user wishing for the latest and brightest without having to wait for a new release may want to install ’Rolling’ instead, our new release branch which we are going to officially announce very soon.

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just a small correction
this line Read more about OMLx 4.1 in release [announcement](https://www.openmandriva.orgen/news/article/and-openmandriva-did-better-omlx-4-1-final-release-is-out-now).

the URL has a slight spelling mistake, missed to put /en after .org

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Perhaps we can get @rugyada or @ashledombos to correct this. I took a quick look and did not see how to correct that here.

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I think only the admin can edit that post, seems like its posted by a bot. I dont know :roll_eyes:

The link in the blog post is right but for some unknown reason got mispelled by the bot here as you noticed.
I cannot do anything to fix it.