OpenMandriva Lx 3 MCC

Hello everyone,

I tried the development release of OpenMandriva Lx 3, and I saw MCC was still there. Will it be there
in the final release of OpenMandriva Lx3? And is there already a scheduled release date?


I guess it’s a question for @TPG here :slight_smile:

I think that dropping MCC (or any other DE-independet way to configure system) will be a REALLY BAD IDEA.
System should be configured from a program or package without any dependency of DE or WM. MCC is not only for KDE (the only official DE in OMV). It can also be used from IceWM, e, xfce, LXDE and even from CLI.

Good point! The problem is that nobody has the time or the skill to maintain the old drakxtools.

I’m really surprised that no one is supporting MCC. As a simple user of Openmandriva I wonder what will be this distribution like without such a “toolkit”. Does Mageia or Rosa gave up of having MCC for setting the system’s configuration?

These days MCC got obsoleted. You can modify almost all important parts of system using desktop environments tools.

I’m using MCC only for one thing, just to use proprietary drivers for my gfx card.

I am used to configure sound, system, graphical drivers, etc with MCC. I’ll have to learn how to do these things in another way…
What about Mageia Control Center, do they in Mageia gave up from MCC as well?


and what do you use for install and remove software, configure media sources, and updates frequency?
set up proxy?
manage different network profile?
share smb directory?
change DM?

probably the konsole.

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