OpenMandriva Forum migration

We’re planning migration of the official OpenMandriva forum from Vanilla to Discourse in around 7 days.

The new web address will be

Both domains and will be redirected to the new one to be sure that internal links and links shared all over the net will properly work.

Old Vanilla forum ( will be closed and archived for documentation.
Currently, there is an alert about the certificate due to the format of the url (4 levels). It should be fixed soon.



good new and thanks :wink:

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Now translated to Spanish ( ).

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Ce sujet est maintenant un gros titre. Il sera affiché en haut de chaque page jusqu’à qu’il soit ignoré par un utilisateur.

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Hi all!
Also translated into Portuguese.


Forgot to say but I also translated it in French :smile:


I forgot too to link Italian translation :slight_smile:

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Ce sujet n’est plus un gros titre. Il ne sera plus affiché en haut de chaque page.

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a couple comments/questions regarding the login into this forum:

  1. Is my memory that bad or at some point it was possible to login to this forum through personna?
  2. a password at least 15 characters long, why? rather have a password at least 8 chars with some other rules like digits and/or capital letters.
  1. Mozilla persona “will be decommissioned” at the end of november. So we started to implement a SSO system with lemonldap. The problem is that we cannot use both SSO and genuine discourse authentication at the same time. So we have to do tests before.

  2. Password lenght: we use the default settings.
    users: 10 characters
    admins: 15 characters
    Currently, there is no possibility to do other checks.
    Though the password length should be at least 12 nowadays, I, personally, have no objection to reduce the minimum to 8.

I have forgotten that I am an admin. Need to be more careful… :slight_smile:
Not sure if there has been similar complain from users. If yes we may need to rethink about it.


Please, do what you think is better :slight_smile:

User password strength ensures the user security, admins password strength ensures the forum security :slight_smile:

You’re right. I don’t mind if a user wants to use an 8 characters length password, but yes, the admin password must be strong. In this case, an admin must be aware of what a good password is.
We have nothing to automatically check this but can recommend to new admins to use some pwd generator like the excellent pwgen.

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