OpenMandriva 5 roadmap?

Another one for you guys :slight_smile:
Either I’m not paying enough attention or I’m not using search as should, but I’m not able to find any roadmap page for v5.
Is there any? And if so, where? Because, wherever it is, it’s not being indexed by the likes of Google crawler.
Also, side-question. Has anyone installed this distro on a Mac? I’ve just purchased a 2018 Mac mini, and I’m thinking of giving OML another go. A couple of years back some dependencies prevented it from properly being joined to a domain, but, since I still cherish and have great memories of Mandrake, I’d really love to try again with v5 :slight_smile:

you can jump in with rolling, and you reache v5 along the way automatically.

Mandrake was also my first linux where I said, that is how linux
has to be.
But later I turned to the rolling distros like PcLinuxOs then later
known Arch-KDE forks.

OpenMandriva reinvented the rolling concept for Feddora-Like distros,
wichwhy I am impressed by,

Indeed, I could just use TP rolling.
However, since I’d be doing this on a work machine, I’m less inclined to proceed with a technical preview, and using cooker.
I’d much rather wait for release, or at least a rc2.
On my other machines I’m using dual boot Windows plus Opensuse Tumbleweed, and I’m happy with the setup. And I can work with macos just as well. So I’m not actually in a hurry. But nostalgia and curiosity are strong with me, and I can’t wait to try OML goodies :smile:

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The short answer is no :grin:

You may want to read this topic, if not done already
Want to help make Rolling better?

When the changes are made by a tiny group of all part-time, unpaid, volunteers this always takes longer than we want it to. There are always things that arise that >have< to be fixed and in this case hundreds of other packages that had to be rebuilt for dependencies, ect.

We aim to officially release Rolling in around one month. Barring unexpected events…
The more feedback we get, the shorter and profitable will be the testing period of time.

ROME at this moment is more like a release candidate.

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That’s actually great news, thank you!
And thanks for the link :slight_smile:
I’ll try to install rolling then, and see how it goes.
Can’t wait :grinning:
Till soon!

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Please keep up with the forum communications, we often publish how-to and workarounds every time we feel it’s needed.

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There is one but mostly for developers: OpenMandriva Lx 5.0 · GitHub