OpenMandriva 4.0 RC1 benchmarks looks promising

According to this benchmark OpenMandriva 4.0 RC1 speed is quite close to ClearLinux.

Take a look on XZ and PyBench tests.

I hope Phoronix will take OpenMandriva into account for upcoming distribution performance test.

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this is for OpenMandriva 4.0 relase , not RC1
you have been spotted by phoronix

you will soon see benchmark for znver1 repo

result here on EPYC processor Threadripper 2950X

@cooker & dev
may check also some options on compile and version Clang/LLVM
also multilib and i686

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Yes, that link i posted was related to RC1 benchmark.

Anyways final benchmark of GA is not very promising :frowning:

I wonder from where it comes:

it strangely still defaults to using the conservative CPUFreq configuration

may be wait coming clang V9.1 , and all binaries rebuild.
there will add Znrv2 in this case …

found that tuned was the culprit here as by default “balanced” profile was used.

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