Openmadriva LX 4 Plasma 5.16?

Will OpenMandriva package Plasma 5.16 when it’s released on june 6th?

Definitely. Chances are a beta is going to land in cooker the minute the 4.0 release has been separated.
There will probably not be a backport straight to 4.0, but something better (we’re revising the release model, should have some news soon).


Revising release model? I’m not really familiar with OpenMandriva yet so i’m not sure how the releases work currently (installing it right now). Would you be able to expand on that? Is it going full rolling or something? :smiley_cat:

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The plans aren’t completely finalized, but chances are we’ll keep the stable tree (essentially what our releases have always been) and cooker (the development branch we’ve always had - which always has the latest and greatest but may break at random), and add a third branch in between that is essentially a safe to use rolling release.
If this moves ahead (and that is all but certain), users will get to pick whether they want a traditional release or a rolling release.


I love that idea! A rolling which isn’t the latest “break your software packages” is perfect for me. Keeps you up to date, and allows you to forget about the hassle of reinstalling the distro each major release. I used solus for a while as it did have some of the aspects i was looking for in a rolling, but the lack of support behind plasma really pushed me past the edge combined with the lack of software. (not to mention they kept removing stuff because they considered it “broken”, or blatantly disabling things such as the Wayland session by removing the sddm session file for it).

I look forward to the changes! Really hope the rolling option comes!

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