OpenFoam installation

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I just wish to have a support how to install the Free OpenFoam 6 Package. It very easy to do from the Ubuntu distro (the installation is practically automatic by few console commands) e somewhat guided from Fedora and some other distros. The Official OpenFoam site is not clear for distros other than supported.
Anyone could help me, please ? Suggested useful links are welcome too, of course.

Thank you very much, whichever will be your answer.

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Just took a quick look. That looks like a question for a developer at #openmandriva-cooker.

Or an opportunity for a package request bug report.

Let me understand:
Have I open a thread with my question by a specific session openmandriva-cooker ?
Alternatively, as I got it, I can possibly request an OpenFoam packacge as a bug report ?

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#openmandriva-cooker is IRC channel on Freenode IRC, there are no threads it is like chat. Just go there and ask, there may or may not be someone that can help at that time so you need to be patient. And remember this is where developers and QA work. But we do welcome users with questions about technical issues.

And a package request bug report is a good way to do something like this but obviously will take longer if they decide to package it. They could decide to package it for Lx 4 and not Lx 3 also. Donā€™t know. Anyway if you do this under ā€˜Importanceā€™ select ā€˜trivial/enhancementā€™. And in the title do label it as a ā€˜Package/RPM Request for OpenFoamā€™.

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Thank you much.

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