Open mandriva lxqt or mate

I know Open Mandriva is a community.

I need option to choose between KDE or MATE, KDE or LXQT like mageia(mandriva fork) beacause some video drivers uses 2D acelleration and KDE is most beautiful and most heavy DE for Linux.

What do you want?

This is latest stable release:

This is Development Release currently in Beta:

If you decide to install Lx 3 Beta please install the latest version.

As of today latest .iso is # 219.

Option to install Mate or LXQT during installation please :wink:

That would need to be done by a developer. Developers don’t typically read forums. That’s why we recommend to file a bug report selecting ‘Trivial/Enhancement’ under ‘Severity’. Bug reports should get the attention of developers.

Worth noting is that OpenMandriva is an all volunteer organization. No one is full time, no one is paid. At present there are less than 10 developers working part time on this distro. They don’t have enough time to do everything as it is. Also Mate isn’t a supported desktop by OpenMandriva not sure about LXQt. The only fully supported desktop is KDE all others are community efforts.

Now if you have the knowledge and time you could create a community spin with Mate or LXQt. That would be awesome!

LXQt desktop can be chosen at sddm login.
Imho is not really the best of the best - in general, and in our distro particularly :slight_smile:

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