Open Gallery to Community art or create Community Gallery?

I just found out that OM Gallery is closed to submissions form our community here. That does not seem at all correct for a Community distro. Should we open a Community Folder for submissions from Community? Or create a separate gallery for Community artwork. I mean we have interest in this so we really should encourage it and allow it to flourish. (IMO).

I expect that it would be reasonable that we do have some standards for any submission to considered for posting in such a Gallery or Folder.

AFAIK we once had an imgur OpenMandriva page/group or whatever they call it
used at the very beginning, for users’ images/contribute and such.

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I had forgotten about that, apparently so has everyone else. Most recent post are from 2013. But it is still there.

Upon looking at the imgur site I don’t much like and think we’d be better off with a Community page or folder at the OM Gallery. Plus that keeps all our artwork “Official” and “Community” at one site.

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There is a Piwigo plugin called “Community”. It lets us choose the folder(s) where a subscribed user can upload a photo. I use it in my personal galleries.