One single place for community discussions

OpenMandriva Team is proud to show to Community the result of latest effort from Infrastructure group: the aggregation of our forum, mailing list and blog comments.
We always wished to have a single place to discuss about everything. From what is deeply technical, to a more informal environment where we can discuss any argument may interest our Community. So that people don't miss any information just because they did not subscribe to the «right» channel.
We like both innovation and (...)

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Well, for now our Blog companion from forum side is Chwido the bot-dog, because it’s not so easy to parse the authors of blog and make correct association. So there is chances it’ll stay like this :scream_cat:


I like it.


Very nice… Good dog, Chwido! (throws some treats his way)


NIce, great work, thank you all.

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please don’t vorget a rss-feed on the new blog.
because at moment dont fing the rss-reader no source …
thank you :slight_smile:

best regards

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The link at the bottom right doesn’t work?

Seems like the forum needs links to blog, downloads, home, ect? Are have I gone blind?

You might be right. The admin panel allows the customization of the different part of a page (header, footer, …).
But I guess we must work on a test site before doing anything that could be destructive …

It’s not so easy to do it in a nice way, but we should try :slight_smile:

Good we have a test site :slight_smile: