OMV LX 4 new ssd m2 and sshd support

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Planning to by new laptop. Today, one can found offers with 2 ssd m2 + 1 sshd 8GB ssd.

I’ve seen some reports in the web on the lack of support for ssd m2 from gparted.

Is it already well supported by new linux, particularly OMV LX 4.0?

Thanks for any tip on it

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I know our developers are likely to say to steer clear of anything Intel if possible for security reasons. They tend to be high on AMD Ryzen CPU’s.

I’m thinking you may be in South America maybe Brazil so I’ll leave it to you to do internet search but there definitely are laptop/notebooks with Ryzen processors in all price ranges.

Of course finding one with those hw requirements may be a different matter.

Thanks for the tips, I’m always considering the best option for general use during a period of at least three years. This one I’m using is a i7 first generation.

But what about the support for new storage devices like SSD m2 and SSHD? Does anybody know if current linux distros are doing (or will be doing) well with them?