OMV 4.1 Crashed


OMV 4.1 crashed. PC had a booting problem. power offed. Now I am getting this screen. How can I fix this.



We are very sorry you have encountered this issue.

Full disclosure: I am user knowledge level not even remotely a developer. A developer might be able to come up with something more specific. The following is just what I do (except I usually skip option # 1).

Some problems are just so easy to fix.

  1. Call your Local Linux Computer Repair Service and ask them for help.


  1. Do an internet search of the exact problem or FAILED, you are having and see if you can find things to try to fix the issue. The first error message I see is “Failed to start File System Check” so I would use that as a search term and start searching and see what I come up with. Continue through the list of “FAILED” items and see if you can find anything the fixes the issue.


  1. Do a fresh install.

In all seriousness this does not like like an easy issue to fix but one never knows for sure until you do that internet search and try. Or do the easy fix and just re-install.

@pujithadimuthu if you do find a solution to your issue please let us know, I’m sure this would be very beneficial to other users that may encounter a similar problem.

Could you share with us the generated rdsosreport.txt file ?

I tried I can not copy. it is deleting. So I done a fresh installation. Sorry. Seems file structure is corrupted.
HOME folder was not shone in the prompt. But I login using Mageia every folder is available.
I replaced a new identical motherboard. any way thanks… My old one is damaged.

Sorry to hear you are having such difficulties, I know it can be frustrating.

Biggest issue having is system crash after power fail. I experienced this in many Operating Systems.