OMLx 4.0 om-cc fixes and changes

Starting with the development release of OMLx 4.0, which brings some very important changes such as dnf package manager and the whole drakxtools suite obsolescence, we are going to offer more and more user-friendly features to be available into our own piece of software.

Here is how om-cc (OpenMandriva Control Center) is currently, at the date of 14 April 2019:

Any reasonable suggestion aiming to improve the application is welcome.

Current version:

If you have om-cc already installed just update your system.

How to install:

$ sudo dnf clean all;dnf clean all
$ sudo dnf --refresh --nogpgcheck install om-control-center

I just went through this on an install from ISO # 2476. Things overall look pretty darn good.

The dnfdragora does not open just as it doesn’t with OM-Welcome:

Skipped exception: <[Errno 2] No such file or directory: './dnfdragora.yaml'> 
Unexpected error: <class 'PermissionError'>

Noticed 2 anomalies on the Security page:

  1. Open your firewall applet >>> Does not do anything no output on command line.

  2. Autorization Management >>> Misspelled should be Authorization Management
    Also this one does not open. CLI output:

$ om-control-center
/bin/bash: /usr/share/om-control-center/apps/ No such file or directory

But again overall this is a promising start for OM-Control-Center for users. I like the repo enable/disable feature on the Software page. However that will need re-writing when we split repos for OM Lx 4.0.

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Right. To be honest I did not dare to touch security page/stuff, so it’s right as it was before :grin:
Need advices from expert guys here. Sorry

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