OMLx 3 Beta candidate ISO 124 e 125

Come ci annuncia @TPG qui abbiamo una iso candidata per la Beta release.

x86_64 [link]
i586 [link]

Main features:

LLVM/clang 3.8.0
kernel 4.5.0 - NEW
Mesa 11.2-rc3
Qt 5.6.0 - NEW
Plasma 5.6.0 - NEW
KF 5.20.0
KDE Apps 15.12.3
Calamares 2.1
Wayland 1.10.0
LXQt 0.10.0
systemd 229
bash 4.4-rc1

Known issue:
i586 iso pulls couple devel packages. I’ll investigate it later as for me this is not a blocker for beta. Hopefully i’ll fix this before Beta release.

Would be nice to release Lx 3 Beta on 2016-04-03 (sunday) this week.
Please focus on testing, and on good announcement and release notes.

Buon download e buon testing :slight_smile: