OMLx 3 Beta candidate 130 and 131

From @TPG in cooker ML:

I’ve prepared ISO for tommorows Lx 3 Beta release (2016-04-03)

x86_64 [LINK]
i586 [LINK]

What’s new ?

Calamares 2.2
Plasma 5.6.1.
ALSA 1.1.1

Many bugs fixed…
Release notes can be found here

Looking for “go” or “no go” decision.

Making torrents now ready in case of a “Go” decision. :sunglasses:

Torrent files are here Index of /OMA Beta/ if anyone else wants to warm up a seedbox with them. (Temporarily, though, don’t hotlink these files at release time btw)

PS: Why the name “2015.0” instead of “2016.0”?

Thanks, that was quick! :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll see what I can do for seeding when I get some time.:slight_smile:

Well also when we get right QA approved .iso’s. We don’t seem quite there yet.:sweat:



OK, I’m ready.