OMLx 3 Beta candidate 124 and 125

From @TPG in cooker ML:

Here is the Lx 3 beta candidate.

x86_64 [link]
i586 [link]

Main features:

LLVM/clang 3.8.0
kernel 4.5.0 - NEW
Mesa 11.2-rc3
Qt 5.6.0 - NEW
Plasma 5.6.0 - NEW
KF 5.20.0
KDE Apps 15.12.3
Calamares 2.1
Wayland 1.10.0
LXQt 0.10.0
systemd 229
bash 4.4-rc1

Known issue:
i586 iso pulls couple devel packages. I’ll investigate it later as for me this is not a blocker for beta. Hopefully i’ll fix this before Beta release.

Would be nice to release Lx 3 Beta on 2016-04-03 (sunday) this week.
Please focus on testing, and on good announcement and release notes.

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Yes, we are getting closer and closer to a good product quality.

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Yes we are getting closer. Install on hardware of x86_64 .iso #124 is working quite well. Some small bugs but overall quite good.

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Has anyone tried to install i586 build #125 in VirtualBox? I can’t get it to boot. Wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Haven’t installed an i586 system for a long time…

hi Ben

please fills a bug that we can see what happens

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Plasma 5.6.1

so sad LX 2015 :disappointed:

I’ve said it before. Given up on it being called OM Lx 3. That’s as hard as getting Plymouth to work…

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take a look at these file in /etc:

lsb-release:DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION=“OpenMandriva Lx 2015.0”
mandrakelinux-release:OpenMandriva Lx release 2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium) for x86_64
mandrake-release:OpenMandriva Lx release 2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium) for x86_64
mandriva-release:OpenMandriva Lx release 2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium) for x86_64
openmandriva-release:OpenMandriva Lx release 2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium) for x86_64
os-release:VERSION=“2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium)”
os-release:PRETTY_NAME=“OpenMandriva Lx 2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium)”
os-release.openmandriva:VERSION=“2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium)”
os-release.openmandriva:PRETTY_NAME=“OpenMandriva Lx 2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium)”
os-release.openmandriva:CPE_NAME=“cpe:/o:openmandriva:openmandriva_lx:2015.0”,distribution=OpenMandriva Lx,type=Basic,version=2015.0,branch=Devel,release=1,arch=x86_64,product=OpenMandriva,distribution=OpenMandriva Lx,type=Basic,version=2015.0,branch=Devel,release=1,arch=x86_64,product=OpenMandriva
redhat-release:OpenMandriva Lx release 2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium) for x86_64
release:OpenMandriva Lx release 2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium) for x86_64
rosa-release:OpenMandriva Lx release 2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium) for x86_64
system-release:OpenMandriva Lx release 2015.0 Beta (Einsteinium) for x86_64
version:2015.0 0.28 Beta (Einsteinium)
version.openmandriva:2015.0 0.28 Beta (Einsteinium)

Very good job of reporting Luca. Wonder if I know enough or could quickly learn enough to edit those and any other files so we are releasing OM Lx 3? I’ll ask on Cooker ML.

There has been a new iso released
This includes the bugfixed version of Plasma 5.6.1.
Please test the features you found faulty with the previous spin. For me two bugs/nnoyances have been fixed. There should be no need to re-test everything.
All those who have tested please let me have your Go/No vote by tonight by 19:00 CEST latest.
Please include any comments that may be useful for the release notes.
My email is

For some reason the the iso mentioned in the previous post has been deleted. I do not know why as yet…perhaps there was a last minute change. Please check back here regularly for news.

Unable to install guest-additions

Unable to install get-skype

Unable to install inkscape


Have you filed reports at least for inkscape and guest additions?

No. Testing new iso.

closed as duplicate by TPG(two times), but still present

and filed to you directly

with plymouth you could work a little more :smile:

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Luca ok. Radeon appears to be broken too. Intel combined with nouveau can only be booted with major bodges. There’s something fundamental broken in the graphical system I thing but I have only been able to observe symtoms and none of them seem to point anywhere consistant.

Deadline for Go/NoGo submissions has been extended to a deadline that will be announced when appropriate.