OMLx 3.03 Beta ISO's produced for hard testing

@TPG has produced new OMLx 3.03 Beta (Or maybe RC) ISO’s for testing. Give 'em a hard rigorous testing folks!

i586 ISO # 1442

x86_64 ISO # 1443

Report minor issues here. If you find a major issue then please file a report on our Issue Tracker and also post here with link to the issue report.

Are them the release candidates?

Don’t know for sure. @TPG? It is certainly time for RC.

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These are final ISOs for 3.03. If these will pass through QA testting then you may publish these ISOs for public.

Known not working features:
Plasma on Wayland.
In logs you can find:
plasmashell[815]: The Wayland connection experienced a fatal error (Protocol error)

I don’t know what may be the issue, help is more than welcome.

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And a mention about KMail. I would request that testers please test KMail even if you don’t use. I recently tested in ‘Live’ ISO. I open KMail, add a user account, and send and receive an e-mail. All while running ‘Live’ off a USB flash drive. It worked just fine.

And there is a newer set of ISO’s. (Our hard working developers make new one’s every Sunday.)

i586 ISO # 1464

x86_64 ISO # 1465

Test now or regret it later.

These two have nothing compared to previous ones.

ISOs are building every sunday, that’s all.