OMLx 3.0 List of open bugs

Raphael has asked me to make a list of open bugs against 3.0. I think there are 64 here. A number of them are against packages that don’t install due to a missing dependency/dependencies. Y’all will help me correct any mistakes and let me know of any bugs you think need to be added.

Plasma 5 inconsistency

llvm 3.9.0 segfaults on armv7hl

Wine64 does not recognize system as being x64

draksnapshot-applet crashed

default os in boot is reset by kernel update

Package metasploit don’t install

Package hydrogen don’t install

Package asterisk don’t install

Package mysql-client don’t install

Package opera don’t install

Package wordpress don’t install

Package xlog don’t install

Package yoshimi don’t install

Package evas don’t install

Package aoi don’t install

Can’t install Proprietary AMD Catalyst driver - package cannot be installed because it depends on packages that are older than the installed

Setup fail to umount in last setup step

Latest update Kernel ------- Candidate for worst written bug title AND worst bug description!!!

Package zero-install don’t install

Package zonemanip don’t install

Package zutils don’t install

Package zynaddsubfx-dssi don’t install

Warmux not install

Control Center Updates- systemd-231-2.x86_64 needs to be removed to install systemd-231-2.x86_64

drakrpm incomplete translation in pt_BR

screen unusable after update

windows too tall

pygtk2.0-2.24.0-18-omv2015.0.x86_64.rpm: Invalid Key ID

Strange graphics bugs in desktop and app

systemd 321-2 can’t start properly on ARM

Package reques: Needed for some app and games

Minimal iso

draksnapshot-applet crashed

nvidia driver: blank screen instead of loading X11

changing default entry in boot loader give wrong message

Calamares italian translation in first window

Package request: Compton (compositor)

Package requests: Oyranos and Kolor-Manager

Installation: in small screen is difficult

python-pypoppler violate python package naming policy

Can’t install lx 3.0 in lvm2 volumes

Doesn’t work backlight control on HP 635 laptop

I’m unable to change Elantech touchpad settings

Tap to click is disabled by default.

Tellico is not installable due to missing dependencies

xfce wont install in Lx 3.0

LX Problem installation on X86 (LIKE i586)

Kalarm runs after being closed the plasma desktop hangs.

Errors for radeonis

Gnome Applicaton Style (GTK) settings in SystemSettings5 are not respected.

fcitx keyboard widget block layout switch in browsers (firefox, chrome, etc)

python-matplotlib and segfault in libunwind

request package for curkew video converter

impossible to mount usb key with vfat filesystem

Default color schemes and themes dont apply/reset

drakrpm-update crashed

The brightness up key combination writes ±


plasma wayland impossible to run applications

At each Plasma/LXQt logout I have severals crashes

ugly and useless icons in systray for non kde programs

Graphical desktop does not work with some ATI/AMD gfx cards

remove-unused-packages doesn’t remove unwanted hardware packages.

libreoffice cannot use input method.

Multitude of errors regarding XCB and QPainter

Edited: 10/09/2016 with more complete list.


Many thanks Ben!:+1:

I have a new bug to be open:

sagemath does not install and is not updated.

I also will take a look at which bugs I reported could be closed …

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Thanks that would be a big help.


Bug 1925

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