OMG Not again 01-11-2016

I installed the latest updates. After reboot no login.
Recovery mode is available.

Please check the updates before release them. How many people are in trouble.
Previous issues:


Pujitha Dimuthu

Thanks for reporting the issue.

Who would you have do this? There are no employee’s, no one paid, no one full time. Everyone here is a volunteer. I don’t know but as I recall we have no developers using nvidia hardware regularly.

For the uninformed. Package updates are checked (in Kahinah) by a very small group of developers, pm’s and members of QA-Team. It takes 3 ‘Accept’ votes for a package to be added to regular repositories. Obviously not all hardware can be checked. The reason the group is ‘very small’ is because we don’t have enough developers, package maintainers, or QA-Team members. We could use your help.

I can.

I still believes OpenMandriva s one of the best Linux distribution available.
Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, kubuntu, openSuse has companies.

  • Fedora, CentOS - Red Hat.
  • Ubuntu, Kubuntu - Canonical
  • openSUSE - SUSE, HPE

but OpenMandriva none.
Previously OpenMandriva, ROSA, Mageia - Mandriva

What ever the Linux legal Documents says, Simple thing People need Money to live and do research.
Please do not trap in to letters. Please bring back Mandriva and Madrake create a profitable company.

This is my request. I will help openMandriva to become champions in all sectors (Newbies, Serious users and Server Admins) together with Redhat, Suse and Canonical. More than 14 years I am with Mandriva.

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I am expecting a good news. How can I fix this. My system is broken for couple of days. If this is a production computer this is serious. Bad reputation too.

Need a help ASAP.
There are lot of bugs in OMA Lx 3.



I suggest you file a bug report with output attached.

Again Yesterday too. Bug report “1991