Oma Cooker don't work with kernel 5.19.X

Oma cooker with 5.19.X series kernel does not boot. It continually goes into reboot …
I have read that it may be related to the efi partition.

I have a multiboot in my system with varius system (Win, Oma, Rosa, ecc)

Tested with 5.19.0 and 5.19.1 .


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This needs a bug report.

For reference: I have been using kernel-desktop-5.19.x (5.19.2 now) for about a week on 2 computers. I also multi-boot but all systems are different versions of OMLx.

OK thanks. Before opening a bug report I will try to understand what the problem is related to. The important thing is that it is not from Oma, and as you confirm me on a clean installation it works well.

P.s. Do you have an efi boot system?

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Yes EFI boot.

I don’t know enough to say it is not OM. I can only say I don’t have a problem on my hardware or in VBox.

One problem I recall seeing with multi-boot users is having more than one /boot/efi partition and the system is using the wrong one. I only have one /boot/efi.

Edit: The files that go in /boot/efi/EFI are typically about 4.0 KB. You could have a lot of those in one 300 MB /boot/efi partition.