OM Lx 4 installer: swap file vs swap partition

Just wondering, why not setting swap file instead of swap partition?

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Sorry, didn’t understand …

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There are several discussions around this: it’s the same performance and easier to resize.

Swap is very useful for hibernation, but swap partition is hard to resize (if you add RAM for instance) especially if not using LVM.

OM Lx 4 creates a partition during install. Other like *buntu 18.04 creates a swapfile.

Not yet possible in calamares but being working on.

However that should be user option. Swap partition , swap file , zram etc is a user decision
based on his setup.

As example on my Workstation with 128G RAM I won’t need any while on my low end Laptop
I probably go with max swap partition and on my 32G RAM server probably a swap file will be fine.

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if you want to see how swap in UI working in calamares , poke me on irc.
( cannot post links in here to non-OM iso’s :smiley: )

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