OM Lx 4.3 category is open in our Bugzilla

OM Lx 4.3 category is now open for bug reports at our issue tracker.

There is also a new addition under components called “Unsupported” for bugs against software in our unsupported repositories. Unsupported is a somewhat unfortunate name IMO. It means “not officially supported”, it does not mean “we won’t fix or look at problems here”. Users should not worry about this if you don’t know where your bug should go. QA will move them to appropriate component category.

This has a lot to do with OM being a small, all volunteer, unpaid, group so we have limited resources. There is a higher priority to correct bugs in main repositories first. Also a lot of the software in Unsupported repos do not have a package maintainer. This is an excellent opportunity for folks to volunteer to maintain packages important to you.

Note: Users do not need to get to excited about what “Severity” to mark a bug report. Marking your report as a blocker or whatever will not get your report looked at or dealt with sooner. Just leave it as normal and QA Team will change this accordingly.

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OpenMandriva has migrated from Bugzilla to OpenMandriva Github Issues for bug reporting and package/feature requests.