OM Lx 4.1 repos are 403 Forbidden

Is there any chance to connect to The OM Lx 4.1 repositories ?

@Mila There is a sync process running right now. As rsync makes stuff public unavailable until everything is done, it may take a while.

I have asked about this on IRC and so far have received no answer. IMO the repos should be accessible. So I asked again today at #openmandriva-cooker. If we could get users to go there and ask maybe we can get some movement. After all Lx 4.0 repos are available but Lx 4.1 is “403 Forbidden”? That does not make sense to me.

IMO Lx 4.2 is enough better that users should switch as soon as they can.

As far as any theory that waiting 3-6 months until “they” get the bugs worked out. Surely users have noticed by now that after we do a stable release there are very, very, few changes made. Very few new packages. There just is not much to be gained by waiting.

Post edit: If you go to here you will see that aarch64 is not affected. So my thought is that the repos are there and this is some settings glitch at

@bero tells us that Lx 4.1 is still syncing but the process is very slow, about 300 kB/s. Following alphabetical order 4.0 was synced before 4.1. 4.0 is done and 4.1 is still in progress.

This explains why 4.0 repos are available and also why aarch64 was available when I last checked 4.1. Alphabetically, aarch64 would be first.

We will have OM Lx 4.1 repositories available again soon. I just did not even consider this would take as long as it actually is taking.

It is better now. But for Unsupported only.
[root@mila-hpelitebook850g6 mhavrda]# dnf distro-sync
OpenMandriva 4.1 - Unsupported - x86_64 3.8 kB/s | 2.5 kB 00:00
OpenMandriva 4.1 - Unsupported - x86_64 - Updates 2.1 kB/s | 3.3 kB 00:01
Závislosti vyřešeny. Dependencies resolved.
Není co dělat. Nothing to do.
Hotovo! Done!
[root@mila-hpelitebook850g6 mhavrda]#

It seems to me that 4.1 directories are available now.

$ sudo dnf clean all ; dnf clean all ; dnf repolist