OM Lx 4.1 Beta (Code name Mercury) ISO's

Candidate ISO’s for OM Lx 4.1 Beta (Code name Mercury).



All are welcome to test and report in this thread.

To update existing OM Lx 4.1 Alpha (Code name Mercury) systems as usual:

sudo dnf clean all

sudo dnf distro-sync

:monkey: (Code name LinuxMonkey)

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So far I have tested both ISO’s in VBox > EFI Boot, and installation and both work.

On hardware I have tested both ISO’s boot, wifi starts, and Calamares installer opens. I hope to get installed system testing going over the weekend.

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KDE Plasma, KFrameworks, Qt, Kernel and KApps

Installed znver1 ISO # 3000 on box w/Ryzen5 3600 CPU.

Did my normal check that everything on ISO I can think of to try to use, open, start on the desktop works and found nothing not seeming to work. That is excellent. Good work @bero and all our developers. (Amazing really with some of the major upgrades in our tool-chain.) UEFI boot no problem, installs in a grueling 1 1/2 minutes on this computer. Other findings are minor:

  1. Missing from grub2 menu:

    “Other” a feature where users can reboot or poweroff the ISO with out having to use computer power button. My observation is that users like this feature, we should keep it and make it default.

  2. Possible excess verbiage in grub2 menu:

    For some reason grub2 menu now tells us “Start OpenMandriva Lx in live mode with <some_kernel>”
    I think it would be better to just have “Start OpenMandriva Lx in live mode”. I think this should be default except for ISO’s where we offer dual kernel.

  3. Printer is almost automatically configured when I turn it on. It gets to point of identifying “missing printer driver” but does not offer to install the driver. This would be a nice feature to have working. If not for Lx 4.1 then some future release.

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