OM LX 4.0 alpha1 in a hybrid graphics laptop

I have a hybrid graphics (intel (iGPU) + nvidia (dGPU) ) and had a few problems to install OM LX 4.0 in it.These are my observations:

The option “Install Openmandriva” does not work because the system tries to load nouveau as described in Errata. On the other hand, the option “Start in live mode” goes fine possibly because it somehow handled the hybrid graphics problem.

Isn’t it that something should be changed in the “Install Openmandriva” option so as to make it as robust as the “Start live mode” option?

I also had problems because some available options for (manual) partitioning like LVM does not really works. I guess these not working options shoud be either removed or corrected to prevent installation failures …

I would like to thank all tips I got in this forum to overcome these problems, particularly to Abucodonosor and Ben!


The options for LVM in the installer are going to be disabled. It is a mystery why upstream put those in when LVM support isn’t ready. FWIW RAID is not supported either.

I’m not as sure about “Install OpenMandriva” but I believe it will be removed. This is just my opinion but I never understood what the purpose of having that was as it does nothing different from the installer run in ‘Live’ mode.


I’m not as sure about “Install OpenMandriva” but I believe it will be removed.

It is already disabled just calamares is not yet rebuild because some more chnages are needed.
Next calamares revision up will have that removed , also LVM buttons will be disabled.

The patch for disabling LVM is not yet pushed , probably tomorrow.


like explained to you in the other thread LVM is not broken but limited and I think I explained you
the reasons behind that.

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So you are saying ‘Live iso boot’ does not have this problem ?

But no there is no difference from live to installed kernel … in fact is the same.
The only way tha can happen is you update the kernel and that may have an bug.

So in general the hardware supported on live mode is supported on installed system.

Hum… I can’t explain. When I tried “Install …” I got kernel panic like shown in another closed topic:

while in “Start in live mode” I was able to login as live user and proceed installation even without any change in the grub/boot parameters to blacklist nouveau … The only problem arose when the installation finished and I had to reboot => the system freezed.