OM Lx 3.0 .iso's for testing for Beta or RC release

New .iso’s for testing for possible release as OM Lx 3.0 Beta or OM Lx 3.0 RC:



This is from rugyada’s most recent TC report:

"The release report today took us one step closer to a beta or rc the now split 3.0 repositories are up and running and the and github has been forked.

A new iso will be issued and all testers are encouraged to test installs and as many features as they can over the next few days.

Bugzilla has now been updated to show the 3.0 branch so all bugs should be filed against that tag.

In three or four days time (depending on the number of bugs reported) a decision will be made whether the put this iso out to general release as a second beta or an rc candidate."

It is urgent to wait (this will avoid the eternal conflicts) :slight_smile:

It’s true that install won’t start from boot menu, nevertheless it starts from live mode and the process works 100% of times according to my experience since build 258 (the first time I noticed ISO being affected by the bug).

It is urgent to wait (this will avoid the eternal conflicts)


It has been asked to please send us a note about what ISO build will be the supposed beta release candidate.
Looking forward to read some news.

Thanks for information. Guess we need to wait until ‘official’ .iso’s are released.

I’ve done 2 successful install on 2 different computers off .iso # 303. From Live mode. There are a few bugs. I had originally used GParted to create GPT partition table and organize partitions, apparently for some reason that’s an issue.

There is a new iso x86_64 (319) to test, download here

Perhaps I did jump the gun in my original announcement?:flushed: And now there is yet another one to test:

No worries, not complaining, but I do hope someone will let us know when we have one to test thoroughly and hard for the actual Beta or RC release.:blush:


  1. Nobody had/has told anyone anything
  2. We are testing more or less all ISO builds - and reporting all bugs found. Even if: see line 1
  3. @TPG is asking in cooker ML whether we are going to “release soon or everybody wants to reach some undefinied quality level”. Imho his question is full legit, it’s the same as ours I can guess. The point is: see line 1 :slight_smile:

it seems that nobody cares…

I’m said

what says the president ? :innocent:

OK, this is it, this is the one, really.:flushed:

Test this one and if all is OK it will be the Beta2 release.:smiley:

build 342.

om-welcome seems non working here :disappointed:

I confirm :slight_smile:

urpmi python2-qt5-webenginecore solves the problem

Nice shot, @jojodu34 :wink:
But to really solve the problem another iso have to be builded.

sure and to understand why python2-qt5.* disapear from build list

I think python2-qt5-webenginecore is a new pkg(maybe a split) not in oma-welcome deps list

Yes, this is the plan :slight_smile:

This is what I’ve been told today in IRC:

[16/6/2016 12:55] Q. are you going to build a new iso with fixes?
[16/6/2016 12:55] A. rugyada: yes

Now the ball is in cookers’ hands. I think we should wait for their communication.
No communication = no testing, no bugreports, no party.

Better to go fishing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good to read that, got communication :wink:


Quick note for cooker testers:

I’ll start moving in Qt 5.6.1 now (so don’t update for a few hours, there will be breakages between the time qt5-base 5.6.1 finishes and the time qt5-qtwebengine 5.6.1 finishes).