I have nvidia packages (390.87) installed. Isn’t it enough to provide nvidia configuration tool like nvidia-settings? How to test nvidia prime?

Hi, what do you mean by nvidia prime? nvidia-settings is a tool to make adjustments to the X server settings. This tool communicates to the nvidia driver and proves they are communicating. There are other ways to prove that the driver is also installed. I just installed OM 4.x. I have not installed the Nvidia drivers on that version but OM 3.x is working with a lower nvidia driver. I will boot and report the settings.

nvidia-settings --help
nvidia-settings [options] --glxinfo

The options are --help, --verbose, etc…

Bumblebee is dead, read here

Here is how to use PRIME since 2016.

The little I know about it is that Optimus is something different to what we have when nvidia is a dedicated GPU resource (??). A dGPU does render graphics and send the data to the integrated iGPU for final display. The Optimus case nvidia itself generates the display when required. The first case seems to be well treated with PRIME, the optimus case is well handled with bumblebee.


How To Switch Between Intel and Nvidia Graphics Card on Ubuntu

we see a reference on how to set PRIME and how to turn nvidia on and off with it using nvidia-settings

I have one computer (old) that have Optimus and another one (new) that demand PRIME to work with nvidia drivers.

The point is that OM LX 3.03 has no nvidia-settings available. As far as I know, if I install nvidia drivers with the nvidias’s (app.run from Nvidia’s site) the nvidia-settings will be available.

Bumblebee is dead, read here

I’ve already read this topic and posted the new bumblebee problem there.

A few comments on this: nvidia-settings is available but it seems to be misconfigured. In my case, I have to use nvidia-long-lived 390.87 and nvidia-settings is found in


But, nvidia-settings itself looks for libraries at


It seems there’s a kind of misconfiguring of OM LX 3.03 nvidia 390.87 package.

Then, to be able to launch nvidia-settings one must do

/usr/lib64/nvidia-long-lived/bin/nvidia-settings -I /usr/lib64/nvidia-long-lived

Anyway, it seems that the nvidia-settings I get this way does not have all the options it seems to have at

First, the Nvidia driver version must be compatible with your graphics card. This is often overlook. The older Nvidia cards will use the older version of the driver.
New cards will need to use the current or stable version of the driver which states your kernel will be unstable but not really. What version of LX are you using? I will document the version I am using, plus I have the Nvidia GTX 960 cards and another system has the GT 730 card.



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