Nvidia and freezing


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A computer with a nvidia graphic card (Geforce GTX 650) is now driven by nvidia-390.25-1.
Although it is less often freezed than with Xorg drivers, it still freezes more often than desirable.

Does anybody knows where is the problem? Would it be that the nvidia proprietary driver for Linux is no longer properly tested by nvidia people?


First this issue is beyond my level of knowledge so these questions are as much for my own education as there are for you.

  1. Is there anything in journalctl logs? Is there even any indication in journalctl logs that the system freezes? Or more likely it’s desktop that freezes? ( That’s a question not a statement.)

@mandian suggests to run this: You may take a look to journalctl -kax log too, especially to red lines.

  1. I know we have Xorg.0.log on Intel systems like mine does nvidia driver produce similar logs?

  2. Show all of:

$ ~/.local/share/sddm/xorg-session.log

as an attachment

  1. Regarding whether it is system or desktop that freezes can you do anything in VT? That would be a prime time to get logs on this if that is doable.

  2. Is more or less likely to occur in LXQt or Plasma5 or other desktop if you have. Another one to check this would be ICEWM (the REAL light weight desktop) which is just a few packages to install and good to have as a backup desktop IMO. (urpmi icewm will install.)

Basically I’m looking or asking for ways for user to narrow down problem causing a freeze to whether it is caused by desktop, graphic driver or other graphic issue, window manager, or whatever else could cause a desktop or system to freeze.

The computer with this problem is mainly used by my wife. I’ll tell her to let me make tests as for if it is the desktop (her desktop) or all the system that freezes and to look for possible logs …

Thanks for the hint

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I believe this is ~/.local/share/sddm/xorg-session.log

And I am as interested as you in learning how to tell if it is system, or desktop that is freezing and so forth. (or graphic driver or whatever)

Unfortunately, I have no log yet.

But it is uncommon the fact that every time my wife log out from openmandriva in the “freezing” computer it returns the ksmserver error message … and the other computer never shows this message.

You may take a look to journalctl -kax log too, especially to red lines.

red lines?

Yes, usually in journalctl output red lines are use for errors.

Not seen here with command line,

journalctl -kax

No colors …

Freezing ocurred. No ssh available and no VT was possible.

The output of journalctl is attached (only at current date). The last line before freezing was 82 then I reboot the machine.

If someone has any hint on what is going on please let me know. I thank in advance.

It is interesting to notice ksmserver error messages just before freezing. My wife’s sessions always show messages on ksmserver errors upon logging out.journalctl.txt (152,6 KB)

Ican’t see anything in your journalctl log. Please could you post X.org log too?

Have you already tied to change the video resolution? Unfortunately I haven’t an nvidia car to make test by myself :frowning:

I’ve seen some discussions in fedora (and other) forums where people say changing,


in the Device section to have the option,

Options "DRI" "3"

has solved the problem. I have done this and am now waiting to see if this freezing happens again, if with the same frequency, etc.

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