NO TC Meeting today 11-07-2018

Hi Everyone,
The mass build of Lx4 has started on cooker so people will be pretty busy
fixing packages so there will be no meeting today.
I’m sure there will be some time for some informal chat though so maybe see
you there.

Some news for @Workshop people trying to create press releases out of meeting summaries instead:

  • In preparation for the 4.0 release, we’ve started a rebuild of all packages to detect errors and make sure everything is built with the current toolchains
  • The mass build also prepares for a special surprise feature of 4.0 (may be good to start generating some interest :wink: There’s a reason not to publicly discuss what it is yet though; ping me on IRC if you don’t know).
  • The KDE updates that have just been/are about to be released (Frameworks 5.48.0, Plasma 5.13.3, Apps 18.04.3) will make it into 4.0
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