No messages on available updates

OMV 2014 (and older) used to have a kind of daemon that helps keeping the system updated. Whenever new packages are available, an icon used to be shown in the panel to let the user know about this availability.

This friendly feature seems not to work in OMV LX 3.0. Is this a matter of proper configuration?

How to do it?

Discover has replaced mdkonline.
Personally I hate Discover and I never understood if it works :wink:

You can install mdkonline and disable Discover in systray.

Strange, it seemed to me I had some notnfications… don’t you see a kind of shield in tray zone?

Don’t see anything like a shield around. The update icon is the only thing that looks like a shield. The image shows that icon and beside it the portuguese word for “Updates”.

I’ll make some tests tomorrow, to see how is the behaviour of this applet. Meanwhile you can use @luca’s workaround :slight_smile:

I’m not far to think like luca here.
The behaviour of discover is a bit surprising.

  1. when updates are available, the shield is displayed on the systray:

  2. if you click on it, you can click on “update” to launch discover:

    Then, after a while, discover shows the list of updates. The sizes of the packages are all set to 0 MB. If you click on “update” (again), the packages are downloaded first. The actual sizes are now displayed. After the download, you can chose which ones you want to install.

  3. when the system is up to date, no shield is displayed on the systray but can see a fully coloured green shield by clicking on the arrow:

If you click on the shield, it says that the system is up to date.

Hi JCLVanier,
There must be something misconfigured here then.
The update icon has never been shown like you described, even when there are new packages available.
I think i should have configured it, maybe it is not having access to the list of repos as the mdkonline does…

Discover is working normally here. To me it is a weak replacement for mdkonline. No way to configure it, no options. Package Management utilities are one of the things that have gone downhill since the Golden Age of Linux.

Check system-tray settings. In Discover itself I am unaware of anything you can configure.

I guess I had already tried configuring systray. Don’t know where to go (??). Any news I post here.

  1. if you right click on the systray arrow then on system tray settings, can you see updates in the extra items list?
    If so, is it checked?

  2. if not, can you open systemsettings/personalization/notifications/event source/discover?

  3. if not, is this package installed: discover-notifier ?


There is an updates at systemtray settings. It is checked. I can open systemsettings5/…/discover, and the package discover-notifier is installed.

This time I checked the discover option to “send to panel” (I don’t know how is it in english). I guess I have to wait on the availability of new updates to see if something has changed.

Many thanks

For confirmation. The update icon did not change even when there was updates available. When I right click it, it said “system up to date”. Then when I right click again and click on “see updates” it finally listed updates available.
When I open MCC => update system, MCC asked for permission to go to internet to check for updates. Does this mean that the general access to internet for updates is set to require root authentication and this may be the cause for discover not to work as expected?


I have a problem with Update Manager and I have to refresh it several times to make it realize that there actually are updates. Not every time but most of the times. More reliable to use urpmi --auto --auto-select in konsole.

Something changed the discover/update behaviour here. Don’t know what was it. All that I can do is to describe what happened before changes.

I used MCC to update the system and realize that firefox 49 was available for update but it now has many dependences in tens of locale packages (chinese, germany, etc). I file a bug on it. Since it was not possible to update firefox without installing these locale packages with MCC, I decided to check my chances with discover/update. Again, I unset locale packages but it did not install as MCC.

It was at this moment that discover/update icon moved to panel. Then, even after rebooting, discover/update seems to be doing its job.

“False alarm”, no discover/update icon at panel and there are new updates available.
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