No email from creating account for abf


I don’t know where this would go in the forums, but I only just created this account by linking with github.

I’m very interested in switching to Openmandriva using the rolling branch and I’d like to be able to contribute with the abf like building new libretro cores and assets and the joypad autoconfig. Even with standalone emulators.

The problem i’m having is that I don’t get an email to confirm my account creation. I’ve tried gmail and outlook and I believe it would be the same thing if I didn’t link this account and sign up with github.

Does it take a day? Usually its instant.

Thank you.

Welcome @Henkire to OpenMandriva and our forum.

The process for signing up on ABF is not automatic. You need to go to OpenMandriva Cooker (development channel on IRC) and ask there. This is due to spam and a lack of resources.

Apologies for an inconvienence, we do want to encourage any help from anyone willing to contribute.

Alright I understand. Thank you