New wpa_supplicant package due to wifi security issues

This was first reported here. New wpa_supplicant is available for testing. Please report any issues in this thread.

It seems it is in main update now.

is 2014.2 EOL?
if not, a patched wpa_supplicant version would be appreciated

Yes the package, as intended, is now in main-updates and will be a part of users regular updates.

I’ve been trying to get an answer for 2014 EOL for 2 weeks and haven’t gotten one yet. It was on the menu for Wednesday’s TC-meeting but never was discussed so maybe next week I can get an official answer. The last official word I’m aware of was that 2014 would officially be EOL when OM Lx 4 is released.

As a practical matter I would consider 2014 as EOL. But that is not official just my opinion.