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I took a screenshot. Was told that I also could not upload that.

“Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, xz, txt, svg, pdf).”

the file on pastebin is: https :// pastebin . com / NEcSpmsK
remove the spaces.

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/2X/f/f28403b443a36e6e4054ae0881f3fa65415dd59f.txt">Updates.txt (53.4 KB)

OK, I told you I was a n00b. Apparently the text file got saved, but not with a .txt extension. I renamed it, and here it is.

I am sorry for all the issues caused over this. However, the screenshot will not post. I can upload it to the message, but when I hit send I get the message: “Sorry, you cannot put images in a post.”

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We just will keep making what I am hoping others see as helpful, well meant suggestions. I still remember when I was a Linux noob and some stupid things I did, and how difficult it was for me to ‘get’ certain concepts. Then after I began to get a knowledge base things slowly but surely got easier. And do understand, I’m no code writer or developer, just a user trying as best I can to help other users. Believe me I’m not so perfect or well behaved that I don’t sometimes get corrected.

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OK, in this post I’m attempting to demonstrate how to post a text file in this forum. Hope someone finds this helpful.

And the result is:

rpm5.commands.txt (268 Bytes)

As you can see that creates what we call an embedded link which is easy for everyone to open. Posting a screen shot is the same you select the file you want to upload and just do it. screen shots made by Spectacle are usually .png or .jpg file type.

Note: The contents of the file I posted are irrelevant, just used that file as an example.

Post-edit: And do remember you can go back and edit your earlier posts to make them all pretty and proper and get out of @rugyada’s dog house. :dog2:

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So if I want to post a screen shot of a command in terminal I do (in Spectacle you can set a delay before it takes the picture):


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I don’t know what is going on. All I did was copy and paste that link and there is no problem for me here.

If you were trying to use the upload icon like I described above we need to figure out why? There has to be a reason, that I do know. And then report it to Infra team to be corrected.

I don’t understand why there would be any restriction on a new user posting text files, screen shots, or pastebin links. I’ve not heard of or encountered such a thing here or in other Linux distro forums such as openSUSE or Fedora. This is a Support forum and it is useless if users can’t at least do that much.

If you took a screen shot with Spectacle it has to be one of those file types. Most likely it’s a .png. See my screen shot above where it says “File Upload”. That is my Pictures directory with one .txt file and the rest are all Spectacle screen shots, ergo .png files.

Anyway hope this isn’t overbearing and that it somehow helps.

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By the way there is noting unusual or alarming in that pastebin:

FWIW: “urpme --auto-orphans” is removing packages that were installed as dependencies some time in the past and are no longer needed or packages that were replaced with packages with a different name. So no harm done normally and benefit of not having unnecessary packages on your system which can lead to problems. Anyway that is why it removes 179 packages in this instance. Post-edit: And this is important for all users > You do not have to run ‘–auto-orphans’. If you are the least bit afraid or concerned don’t do it until you can confirm here or at #openmandriva on Freenode IRC.

These warnings:

warning: LOOP:

warning: not removing lib64javascriptcoregtk3.0_0-2.4.11-2.x86_64 "Requires(auto):" from tsort relations.

can be ignored. As I said in an earlier post urpmi creates errors and warnings that aren’t.

If there is anything else of concern in that output please ask.


Hi @zaivala,
we had to limit the permissions to new users. This is due to a recent spam campaign.
I have upgraded your permission level. You should now be able to post either links or images.

(Ben Bullard) #31

Thanks @jclvanier, that explains a lot and it was driving me up the wall trying to figure out what was wrong for @zaivala. Here’s hoping @zaivala is relieved. :grinning:

And I understand why. The recent spamming on web sites and IRC is everywhere on the internet not just us. Very unfortunate that. :frowning_face:


(Moss Bliss) #32

Yes, I am. And with those permissions, no need to send my screenshot.

BTW, I am one of the new co-hosts at mintCast podcast. You may want to hear the nice things I said about you guys in the latest episode (295).

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Hoping we have answer all your questions so far.


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@zaivala There is something new and great here. It is at the least a better than average Alpha in terms of how much is/isn’t working. We would appreciate the help testing so pass this on if you know others that may be interested.

Do yourself a favor and read Release Notes and Errata before installing.

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I am waiting for the Final release with bated breath. But I don’t have time or experience dealing with Alphas or Betas. Always too many distros to try out. I just loaded Deepin 15.8 and don’t have room anywhere to try out MX 18. But I will certainly give OMA 4 a full shot when it is ready.

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you can download the iso and try in qemu/VirtualBox with the need to real install.

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