New Rolling/Lx 4.3 ISOs

New ISOs are made by @rugyada for Rolling/OM Lx 4.3. I suppose we consider these RC (Release Candidate) ISO’s. There are still some problems being worked on for OM Lx 4.3 GA, or final public release.

Plasma x86_64 (build 480)

Plasma znver1 (build 481)

Thing to be aware of:

  1. Web Browsers - There have been many reports of problems with Firefox 93 and 94. Chromium was not installing last I checked. Developers are working on these. Users may not be aware but Firefox and Chromium are major time hogs for developers.

  2. ROSA imagewriter has been restored to Cooker and Rolling Plasma ISOs as a default package. The problems with KDE isoimagewriter have not been fixed yet.

  3. Sound issue is fixed and sound should work for most users. This was not something that broke by the way. It was an experiment to test whether we want to use pulseaudio or pipewire as default sound server in the future. As I understand at present pulseaudio will remain default for Lx 4.3 but OM may switch to pipewire for next release. Users can use whichever one they choose.

To use pipewire I believe the procedure is to remove pulseaudio-server and install pipewire-pulse and reboot. And visa versa to switch back.