New OMLx 4.0 ISO available for testers

This is weird. This is not Mandriva. That is not OpenMandriva repository. Why are you looking there are trying to install packages from there?

That package is gone, drakconf and drakxtools are gone. There is a replacement in development for OpenMandriva that users are welcome to try.

$ sudo dnf install om-control-center

It is not the same and needs time to be expanded and refined to meet user expectations. In other words Work In Progress.

Response deleted. I’m afraid I lost my proactive view for a moment.

Steam can be started with steam, or if its fail, steam --reset
But how to find out why its not running? I guess operatingsystem, i find out that, Steam did not works, if i add fedora steam with dnf i still get same error message, so i think its because of LX 4 operatingsystem not repo or configuration.
So its most be something with operatingsystem that is wrong.

Probably a PEBKAC issue.

You are messing this thread with all sort of questions, many of them unrelated to the purpose of the topic.

Open a new discussion for each issue (you have or you think you have) please.

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OK I’ll admit I am partially responsible for responding when perhaps I should have moderated instead.

This thread has gotten out of control so I’m going to close.

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