New nVidia drivers for kernel 4.17.x available for testing

New nVidia drivers version nvidia-current-396.45 and nvidia-long-lived-390.77 available here. Both should work with kernel 4.16.13 and 4.17.x. Please test and report any issues here. Also please report if they work. That is important for us to know also.

If you want to enable the repository do this:

# urpmi.addmedia Non-Free-Testing

Of course you can replace that URL with one for your preferred mirror. I would suggest that you disable the non-free-testing repo after installing the drivers you wish to test.

Also all users be sure that the driver you install supports your hardware. nVidia nvidia-current-396.xx and nvidia-long-lived-390.xx drivers do not have the same “Supported Products” list. So please do check the links provided and be sure driver supports your nVidia product.

Thanks to @Colin for providing these new packages.


Note: Packages in testing repos are by default not signed so there will be a warning about this. This warning can be ignored or if you wish to not be bothered by the warning install repository thus:

# urpmi.addmedia --no-verify Non-Free-Testing

Now Y’all get busy testing and reporting on these important and up to date packages.


Yes, as long as building nvidia-long-lived 390.77 in kernel 4.16x tree everything goes just fine.

My problems are not solved however since to use this driver in daily work I should be able to launch applications that demand this using bumblebee command optirun but I coudn’t so far …

Still searching