New installation with NO user(s)

Howdy folks …

i’d like to install OM 3 but just ROOT , i mean how to skip ‘users’ on install ?


Why would you want to do this?
I would suggest that you install and then remove the install user with “userdel”. You’ll probably have to change the sddm configuration by hand to be able to get a root login.
Look for the entry
#Hidden Users
and remove root

You will need to restart sddm from a console Vt (alt+ctrl+F2) as root with the command “systemctl sddm restart” This will also restart the X server.
I would suggest that you use a strong password note also that you will not be able to login using ssh unless you first change the configuration of the server such that it will accept root logins which is not the default. If you change this you are really asking for trouble.
There may be other services that do not allow root.

Thx a lot for the reply friend ! i will think bout that subject …

btw: some .iso with LESS mb ? plasma-desktop too much >>> 1.8 gb

as always tia !

btw: some .iso with LESS mb ? plasma-desktop too much >>> 1.8 gb

as always tia !

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To get something like this done you need to file a bug report here and under importance select ‘trivial/enhancement’.

If you need to ask about a different subject, open a new topic.
Please choose the proper sub-category under the main English container then patiently wait for a reply.

r u kiddin me ?


If there were a minimal .iso it would be at one of these 2 locations:

Cooker is our development branch. LX 3 (3.0) is latest stable release.

If you’d file a bug report expressing interest and why your interested a developer just might build a minimal .iso.

Thanks a lot pal !