New gcc updates and Contrib

I just woul like to know if contrib packages (OMV LX 3.02) are going to be rebuild with new gcc.

By now, there are about 307 package updates I can’t apply because some essential packages for my work are going to be removed, not replaced! Mostly from Contrib repository.


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Contrib packages are supposed to be community maintained. So someone in the community is supposed to step up and do this.

Another example of OpenMandriva being a community distribution.

Most Community can do is to maintain SPECs on github at the end developers are needed to publish packages.

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There seems to be a flaw in the community distribution model.

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To me this seems to be a “botle neck”.

I’m using scilab 5.5 (the update 6.0 is not available) for working purposes. If I update gcc, scilab 5.5 will be removed, then I can rebuild scilab 5.5 but no guarantee of immediate success. That is to say, I cannot try it since I run the risk to impact part of my work severely for an unknown period of time…

Alternatives? Using another computer, using a virtual machine?

I’m wondering …