Network Manager L2TP

I am new user and currently using OpenMandriva 23.03 ROME znver, and really happy with the speed and stability.

But there is one issue I found: there is no network-manager-l2tp package in OpenMandriva ROME repository. This is important because I use L2TP VPN to work.

I try to install it from other RPM based distro but no luck. Also I’ve tried to compile it from source, still no luck.

It would be nice if this fundamental package (network-manager-l2tp) is included in OpenMandriva repository.

Thank you.

Hello @alwanros
thank you, and welcome to OpenMandriva forum.

You are welcome here and you may file a package request here. You should include this link for the source package.

You are also welcome to talk to our developers at OpenMandriva Chat.

There is information about OMLx here and here.

Thank you. Very nice support.

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