Need help tracking down the infamous Krita bug in OMV

Hello everyone.
First of all, let me give a huge shoutout to the OpenMandriva dev team for their great work! I’ve been having a nice time with this OS for years although there were certain desktop bugs as well.

One of my recent troubles has been the bug in Krita when it segfaulted after I try to resize an object using the Transform tool and choose to go with side anchors. It’s really simple to reproduce: launch Krita, create a new document, draw a squiggle, and then try to modify it using the Transform tool. It’s important to drag any of the side anchors, but not the ones at the corners. Krita will crash leaving something like this in the logs:
krita: symbol lookup error: /lib64/ undefined symbol: cblas_dcopy
So, I here’s what I tried:
Re-building Krita from SRC RPM locally on my machine. It didn’t solve the problem, as I’ve got exactly the same package as the stock one (assumably built in ABF)/
Re-building the GSL package from SRC RPM. That didn’t bear any fruit neither.
Running Krita from the Appimage. That fixed tha crash problem, but I remained curious to fix the ‘normal’ version of Krita n OMV.

What’s interesting though, is that GSL in other Linux distrobutions also spits out such ‘undefined symbol’ messages (I believe thats because some of the symbols were put in a separate shared library), but it does not lead to Krita crash there.
So I’m currently stuck with no more ideas of why that crash ever happens.
It seems to affect at least all recent OpenMandriva 4.x Rock releases and even the upcoming 5.0 release.
Any help will be appreciated.

Welcome back @Zeffanyx .

This message means krita uses /usr/lib64/ library which looks for cblas_dcopy function but can’t find it. So you may try to install lib64gslcblas0.

It’s already installed.

I see, krita is not really linked to gsl library. There are lots of warning like tin in compile log:

DEBUG: Warning: undefined symbols in /usr/lib64/ cblas_sdsdot(/lib64/

I’ll try to check at this tomorrow…

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The problem was uses functions from but is not linked to it.
The new packages lib64gsl27-2.7.1-2 and lib64gslcblas0-2.7.1-2 should fix it.