Music for videos

Serious question:

Do you know what music one is allowed to add to his own videos?

I’m speaking of public videos such as those showing release install, OMLx system etc.
For example may I add a Beatles’ Yellow Submarine - or a piece of it - as a soundtrack?

Unfortunately not, I mean for The Beatles, unless we pay the correct rights

At one time I used jamendo for finding Cc-by-SA, art libre, CC0 music
(or any usable licence)…

for example

where you can find things like this

even though it sounds more Beach Boys than Beatles to my ears :slight_smile:

But now there are much more websites where to find good usable music…

An example of how I included a music in a video with crediting (I added
credits both in description and in the end of the video :slight_smile: )

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Thank you Raphael.
I’ve passed suggestions also to Alexey.

I move this thread to the newly created Workshop category

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