MSEC or MAC Support?

Having given ROME a (favourable) spin the other day I was curious as to whether MSEC is still available, as used to be the case way back in the Mandrake daze…?

If not, was there any particular reason this was discontinued as it seems to be still be alive on Mageia?

If this is no longer available, is there any way at present to install SELinux or (preferable) AppArmor, as unless I’m missing something recent posts I read suggested that neither of these have kernel support and some level of MAC provision beyond bubblewrap would be for me a nice and important ‘have’.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Welcome @chuckufarley to the OpenMandriva forum.

Thanks for the kind works. Not positive but I am reasonably sure OpenMandriva does not have MSEC or AppArmor. For MAC I am not sure. For SELinux there are packages in repos but I do not know how to get SELinux to work.

I think those are all good questions. It may be better to talk to a developer or someone more knowledgeable. This may happen quicker at OpenMandriva Chat.

My memory of MSEC, AppArmor, and especially SELinux is they were as likely to cause problems as to be useful. But that was some years ago.