Mozilla has a big suprise for Firefox users


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Firefox 67

So if you see this OpenMandriva did not do this and can not change this. If you wish to file a bug report you need to file it with Mozilla bugzilla.

There is more explanation here. If I find any better links like Mozilla links I will post them. Actually that second screen shot is a Mozilla link explaining this and what you the user can do about this.

Open konsole and run:
firefox -p
then select previous profile (default). Restart browser. Should be fine :slight_smile:


Don’t you spoil all the fun.

But that does work so far. Edit: That tip and a lot more is in the page in my second screen shot in a link at the bottom. That link will tell you all about Profile Management with FF.

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Perfect time to switch to Falkon. Good choice in Lx 4!


Falkon does work just fine and is a good choice IMO. Edit: For users that have not tried Falkon it is a very good light weight browser. You will give up some ‘features’ from FF but if you just need something to browse the internet it works. Try it.

Looks like ff playing dirty lately…
First they break the addons claiming that the “fix” is to enable ‘Studies’, now they break the profile data sharing claiming that you have to register a ff account… Everything with evident disrespect of the users’ privacy.
What’s next?
Wonder what’s the real/hidden (but maybe not so much) purpose of these bad moves.

If Google keeps its promise and kills (or almost) AdBlocks in Chromium, then this change will also affect Falkon and other chromium based browser.

Then we can see re-migration to Firefox :slight_smile:

I forgot about source

I was not trying to advocate for or against Mozilla/Firefox. Just wanted to head off an issue and let users know OpenMandriva did not do this, Mozilla did, if there are complaints or need for bug reports they should go to Mozilla not OpenMandriva.

Full Disclosure: I use FF, Chromium, and Falkon myself. I have been using Falkon more and Chromium less in recent weeks but don’t recall any conscious decision or thought regarding that. It just happened by osmosis. FF does have some features I like and maybe even need at times due to tired old eyes and lifetime of using those eyes constantly in printing and publishing industry.

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Rust-O-C-C++_Whatever FrireFox is nothing to migrate to.

And where is the problem if they do that? There is the source code,
and is called patching.

Falkon won’t follow the GNazis into adblock censorship land. Fortunately they can’t take away source already released.

This needs to get bumped for some users to see more prominently. :astonished:

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yea i’d say they have one HUGE surprise for folks alright.

One Huge Surprise

i’ll have vivaldi thanks